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Privately held companies that raise money under certain conditions are required to file Form D with the SEC. These companies often include tech startups and pooled investment funds, i.e. hedge funds, private equity, and venture capital funds


Companies may use an exemption under Regulation D to offer and sell securities without having to register the offering with the SEC. When relying on such an exemption, companies must file what’s known as a "Form D" after they first sell their securities. Form D is a brief notice that includes basic information about the company and the offering, such as the names and addresses of the company’s executive officers, the size of the offering and the date of first sale

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The SEC requires institutional investment managers to file quarterly Form 13F reports that list equity assets under management. You can read more about the rules for 13F filings on the SEC’s website

Filings are publicly available via EDGAR, but the formatting is not ideal, so I (Todd) built this site as a nicer way to view them

The site provides additional functionality to compare 13Fs across periods, view a manager’s holding history for a specific investment, and list all managers who reported holding a particular company within a given quarter

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Caveat emptor!

There are many caveats about 13F data, but perhaps the most important is the notice that the SEC puts at the top of every filing on its site, which basically says that nobody has done any checking to see if the data is accurate:

The Securities and Exchange Commission has not necessarily reviewed the information in this filing and has not determined if it is accurate and complete. The reader should not assume that the information is accurate and complete

The code for this site is available on GitHub, along with more information about how it works and its limitations. You might find the code helpful purely for populating a database of 13F filings, even if you don’t care as much about the front end


You can email me at [email protected], or open an issue on GitHub